HURLEE B2B PAUL RUDDER (Poetry In Motion Label Night)

HURLEE B2B PAUL RUDDER (Poetry In Motion Label Night)


Happiness moments

A musical duel of those who are recorded in the collective memory is going to happen tonight, with Hurlee sharing the booth with Paul Rudder, both members of Poetry in Motion, a recently created record label (along with Tete de la Course and OUI) where they unleash their creative power to, as they say, give away endless moments of happiness.


If the music's vibration drives the composer, the result will be honest and healthy. For them music is the most important thing and they were born to become their faithful (and happy) servants. This wise knowledge was given to them by The Loft and David Mancuso, and since then is what they continue to spread with their every day work.


Welcome to their vision of music, welcome to Poetry in Motion.





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