Rainer Trueby - 16/09

Rainer Trueby - 16/09

The King of the (black) jungle

Even if it sounds like a joke, Rainer began a successful life as a DJ in 1990, making grandparents dance with a residency in Stuttgart.


From there he would jump to club ON-U, with a more juvenile audience, which he agitated with soul, jazz, funk, drum n’ bass and hip hop sounds.


Michael Reinboth, who is the chief at Compost label, liked what he did and he began publishing with them. After getting started with the German group “A Mighty Forest Black”, several 12” followed and some compilations (you can’t miss the Glucklich series), he would join Christian Prommer and Roland Appel to form the legendary Truby Trio, beginning to work with majesties like Frederic Galliano, Thievery Corporation, Nitin Sawhney, Bebel Gilberto and US3, amongst others.


In the last few years, he has moved to house, producing along with Danilo Plessow (Motor City Drum Ensemble) a juicy series of hits like “To Know You”, “JECK” and “Welcome to Our World”, re-mixing artists like Tosca and Sunburst Band. From Rootdown, to his almost 20 year residency in the Waldsee Club in Freiburg, he give life to all styles, from warm Brazilian rhythms, to soul, disco boogie, jazz and of course, the new electronic music tendencies. 


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