Lady Meggy is coming strong...

The Berlin techno scene of 90’s is unique and unrepeatable in history with its proclamation of freedom through music, and its legendary clubs and parties which lasted for several days.


In such an artistic and underground scenario, a very young Meggy was moving around and she soon felt the call of the cabin; She got herself a pair of decks and a bunch of vinyl, learned how to mix with the help of her DJ friends and made her a place in bars and clubs of the city, including Watergate and Bar25.


Apart from the Techno sound of the Nineties and early 2000s as her initial influence, Meggy always had a love for what she herself calls ‘cheesy’ American R&B and also for singing.


Her vocal talent did not go unnoticed and studio collaborations with David Keno, Channel X, Ruede Haegelstein, and Suol’s Till Von Sein ensued.


Suol label,  with whom she’s been collaborating for some years now, has offered her the perfect refuge for her music that caresses styles like Deep, Techno, R&B and classic songwriting ... make step, Lady Meggy is on the way! ... and she's coming strong!





San Miguel