MAGIT CACOON (Rebellion - Upon.You Records / BERLIN)

MAGIT CACOON (Rebellion - Upon.You Records / BERLIN)

An incomparable electronic strenght

Just few years ago Magit Cacoon left her hometown in Tel Aviv infested by the virus of electronic music and landed in Berlin, where she fully embraced the exciting and artistic electronic scene.


In short time she has demonstrated to everybody, including herself, that this very moment is her moment and that her brilliant karma is continuing offering powerful and stunning performances.


She is gifted to recognize the emerging trends, even before they happen and with her amazing  performer’s charisma in the global electronic dance realm, she has made an important own place in the international electronic scene. Proof of that is her residency at Sweat Lodge Radio and her performances at Panoramabar in Berlin, Moulin Rouge in Paris or the exclusive Ushuaia Club from the neighbour Ibiza, amongst many others.


In 2011, her debut’s year, she went on to launch her own label “Girl Scout”, which it was more than just a platform for her first ever single „Voyage 34“ and her own productions, as it released tracks and remixes crafted by her ever growing network of friends including Kasper Bjorke, &Me, Nico Purman, Oliver Deutschmann,Tigerskin, just to mention a few.


One year later she teamed up with Upon.You Records and released her track “A Place To Dream About“... the international recognition was growing up and the Magit’s tonal projectile became unstoppable and essential.


In her sessions she mastery mixes Techno, House & Electronic offering a seductive, yet playful and surely spine thrilling statement of a matured and fully grown artistic mind, and it shines even more in the use of her most natural and intimate instrument – her own voice – whilst creating a unique signature sound.


We are facing a powerful, seductive and unique artist with an irresistible and forceful personality… so don’t even think in missing her!




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