LILT PARTY (Marvin Pierce & Not Demure) - 28/12

LILT PARTY (Marvin Pierce & Not Demure) - 28/12

Rhythmic pulse, infinite melodies

As "Lilt" is how Marvin Pierce & Not Demure have named their new label party. A musical concept where they show a more melodic and ethereal side of Deep, House and Progressive-Tech, to enjoy with all the senses...


Marvin Pierce is Boris Bastidas, a Majorcan of German-Catalan roots , whose desire for electronic music came to him while living in Barcelona, where he got his references from big clubs like The Loft, Nitsa, La Paloma, Sala Moog... His eclectic sound and a refined technique find its maximum expression in the melodic techno, minimal and deep.

By his side we find Not Demure (Manuel Rodríguez), an Argentine based in Majorca, who has found in music the words and emotions he needs to talk. His sets, with a careful harmonic dialogue, are usually supported by digital art visuals, which complement and stage his delicious story telling.


Tonight they offer us a hybrid set (cd's and vinyl), supported by the captivating synth sounds and tons of musical goodness.

Empty your mind, get comfy... and enjoy!





San Miguel