JOHAN MILA - 21/03

JOHAN MILA - 21/03

Dark nostalgia

From Majorca, the island of the (supposed) calm, we get this passionate lover of techno and electronic music, who was pretty sure since very young that his life was going to be in tune with decks and synthes.


His personal and powerful sound is surrounded by a certain mystery and nostalgia, of perverse stories that catch us from the very beginning and make us always to want to know/listen more.


His sets, where he shows an impeccable technique, make you travel from the most avant-garde deep House, to the most forceful and savage Techno, creating a unique harmony between his music and the dance floor. And that versatility, among other virtues, is the one that is leading him to the highest of the current scene, collaborating with other great ones such as TRaum, Beatamines, Danny B... among others.


He has worked with big labels like The Plot music, Overdrive Musik, Time has changed, Tulip Recordings, My Favourite freaks Music, Louder Than Famous, Traum Schallplatten or Upon You Records, where he has released his latest work "The Strange" with T Raum, and that has truly resulted being a huge hit.


Put on hold what you're doing tonight, because we can't think of anything better than coming to Garito to enjoy and sweat the dance floor with this monster on the decks.





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