James Welsh

James Welsh

Bluegrass childhood, Post Punk adolescence, Deep House maturity

Having grown up between a mixture of Blues and Bluegrass, James began going to concerts before he even started walking. At the age of 8, he already played the guitar and at 14 he was already experimenting with multiple recorders, editing a CD version of "Future Music" which would lead him to take over the electronic functions of "The Rise" post punk band.


One thing led to another…. until he reached the Mark Jones label "Wall of Sound" where, under the pseudonym of "Ocelot", he began offering their sets in plenty of different places: from Creamfields to the Miami's roofs, going through all kinds of clubs, bars and festivals.


He has officially remixed Rob Zombie, Depeche Mode, the pre-bald Britney Spears, "Air Valley" (Losing Suki) ... and his solo debut has garnered the applause from critics, public and from nothing less than their majesties Gilles Peterson, Ben Westbeech and Jimpster.

When he is not producing other artists or hanging around with his bike, James develops his own musical proposal. Fresh and voiced deep house, ideal for a sunrise between colleagues.


Come and dance...



San Miguel