Right here & right now

Hyenah happens to be a very enigmatic, intriguing and misterious artist... even his hometown is unknown and he hides his face in a thousand different ways;  unimportant details indeed, because as he says the really important thing is about what you have to offer: love, respect and good vibes right here and right now.


He released his first EP "The Wish" in 2014 with the label Freerange Records, causing a stir in deep house circles because of his big talent and its sparky African-sounding beats. Only 5 years after his official debut, he is now a quite famous dj who has already played all over the world, e.g.House 22 in Pretoria, Watergate in Berlin, Djoon in Paris, Pacha in Barcelona at the Sonar Festival, Faust in Seoul or Musicbox in Lisbon, just to say a few.


He's well-known at the deep house scene in Berlin, thanks to the "RISE" parties which take place at the famous Watergate Club, becoming a world wide reference in Afro Techno House music.


Hyenah is the faceless artist that everyone talks about and who’s shaking the dance floors around the world with his African House Techno music... and tonight we'll have him in Garito, so save the date and let's RISE together!




San Miguel