Cosmic sound – disco – dance from this decade (Super Trooper, England)

Formed by David Garner and Paul Sidoli, the british duet named Cosmonauts, would publish its last long play “Disco Biscuit” with the Rare Wiri label, which was led by Rayko. They received some positive reviews from critics and an avid public filled with new proposals that launched them to the orbit of cosmic sound – disco – dance of this decade. People like Tronik Youth, Junkie Wife, NSFW or Moby have placed their trust on Cosmonauts, to rebuild their creations with new forms and addicting remixes.


They are currently in charge of their space ship towards their new label, Super Trooper, were we can also find compositions from other artists such as Psycomagik or Debonair. His album “Snakes Head” has been sponsored by Aeroplane, adding it to his work for the mythic Eskimo label.  





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