Dancing since '98

For many, 1998 will be remembered as the year when Viagra appeared on the scene, Pedro Duque was literally launched into space, or the moment in which the little games between Clinton and Lewinski came to light ... But for the vast majority , at least the one that matters to us, it will be registered as the year when Garito was born.

Today, 21 years later and as the great family that we are, we celebrate that moment at home and in style with our recidivists in the booth (Kiko Navarro, Isaac Indart, Vik_t, Gran Reserva and Pepe Link), and the special collaboration of the RANA Foundation, that fights against sexual abuse, in addition to many other surprises.

Our essential commemorative t-shirts of this year are signed by Joluvian, a magician of lettering and graphic design, who brings Trump himself to Garito... a good bunch of dances on our dance floor would make him good to get our positive energy. Don't forget to get yours now, and book your t-shirt on our website.

Thank you infinitely to all of you for being by our side, doing Garito year after year with tons of thrill and joy.

Remember, Wednesday June 12th from 8pm ...

Let's dance!




AlexKid (Berlín) - 08/08

AlexKid (Berlín) - 08/08

L'enfant terrible of electronic music


San Miguel