Spinning fine

Born and raised in Mallorca but formed and carved in Madrid, Tony Jiménez, is known and loved for his work as a selector and compiler.



Versatility, uniqueness, and great sensitivity towards the listeners that he faces in any of his jobs, be it a jazz music selection or a dancefloor scenery. Diversity of genres with the black music as a basis are his DNA since his beginnings, back in the 90 ́s:Soul, R&B, and Disco, remarking his strong point, as a slowkey music compiler, loving the cinemathic flavoured sound in his smoothest way. 


Ocasionally, will melt these black roots with electronic music making it become flesh and bone for a night clubbin ́ story.

Specialized in developing the music repertoire for a big cluster of businesses, from fashion boutiques, to conceptual hotels. The icing of the cake, his sporadical black music party called "Studio Confessions", only for the closest friends.



Constant learner, ethernal listener, offers always his best... 



San Miguel