Technoide attitude

Advanced music and a technoide attitude with great industrial vibrations are the main features that stand out in Pepe's sessions, which are already a landmark in the island, thanks to parties like Consumed, Nights of Techno music, and his sound attacks with The Dub Attack or his 2001 sessions with Octobot, an excellent mixture of sounds and "noises" with a lot of power, that transmit to the public a sense of mental evasion.


For several years he has worked as a producer in several labels, such as True Type tracks, Natch Records (Berlin) and Pong Musiq (New York),the label which he published his first techno album. On the other hand, its Serial Number 849, allows him to work more independently and eclecticly, working with great artists from Europe, Asia and America. He also collaborates with REZ, the label of Ángel Costa, our bionic resident DJ.


Electronic music in a pure, intense and powerful way ... do you dare?





San Miguel