Love's like dancing

Lovebirds is the brand new solo project of Sebastián Doering ' Basti '. His elegant and impeccable style has led him to collaborate with big labels such as Winding Road Records, Freerange, Buzzin Fly, OM Records, or Liebe * Detail, among others. His sound is like an explosion of the past with powerful and minimalist galactic nuances... an extra-sensory trip to the 70s-80s in a delicate futuristic spacecraft.


After revolutionizing the communities deep house and Neo-disco with his singles in Winding Road Records, he’s getting the support of the big labels and his hits travel in the briefcases of Jimpster, Prins Thomas, Ashley Beedle or Tom Middleton. Amazing tracks as "Want You In My Soul" (EP Best sold at in 2011) have made him indispensable to the dance scene worldwide.


His work as a producer goes back many years, and together with Toddie Freese they created "Kneedeep", a duo of DJs that made the dance floors of the German country burn, with bombings as "Nassau rules" and "Afro Medusa – Pasilda".


New horizons opened for Sebastian, taking a more melancholy and introspective side that ended up shaping his project "Lovebirds", a combination of house and deep, with touches funk, soul and disco, which turns out to be a best gift for the senses. In Garito we have been able to count on his presence on previous occasions and the result is always... just great!





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