... to be continued...

Only the biggest ones are able to hold its own for such a long time... It only seems like yesterday when we hung Garito’s sign on the wall of our emblematic place of Can Barbarà, but it's been 20 years! And here we are, still giving the very best of us and defying space-time in the best way we know: Yum, gloop, yeah!!

That’s why this month, and because the night hours weren’t enough, we will have an outstanding artist every week, and on Wednesday 13th, the official day of our birthday, we’ll enjoy the super session of Alex from Tokyo (Innervision, Berlin), a cosmopolitan of the music whose life, like ours seems to be taken from a novel: Born in Paris, raised in Tokyo and developed his musical career in NY and Berlin, Alex Prat is a capital artist in continuous growth.


It was in Tokyo where his musical activity began, acting in big clubs like The Bank, Another World and Gold. At the beginning of the 90’s he returned to his native Paris, where he immersed himself in the underground dance music that came from the USA, and which flourished in the emerging French house scene, with artists such as St. Germain and Shazz.


Back in Tokyo he started working at Mr Bongo, a reputed record store in the alternative Shibuya neighborhood, and he emerged as the go-to contact for European labels, DJs, and artists seeking a presence in Japan. It was then that he began collaborating with Laurent Garnier (F Communications), among others and his career as a DJ began to take off, was unstoppable, frenetic, "Alex from Tokyo" was born.


In the late 90’s, along with Isao Kumano, he gave light to Tokyo Black Star and released his debut album "Black Ships" in the Berlin based “Innervision” label; success was immediate and shook the scene of the house underground which Fujiyama in full action. After several years of frantic activity, his label "World Famous" was officially relaunched in 2015 from NY.


Alex relocated in Berlin, cradle and podium of electronic music and musical experimentation, in 2017 to start a new chapter in his music life, which is, as you see, incredibly amazing! Join his volcanic energy in what promises to be an explosive night of celebration & friendship...come & join us!





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